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All our integrations are coded using the most up-to-date documents of the organizations. 

Payment Institution / Bank / Alternative Payment
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Payment Institution / Bank / Alternative Payment
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Supported Payment Institutions

 POS Integratorworks in integration with common payment institutions in Turkey. POS Integrator and integrate conveniently and flexibly with the payment institutions below to receive payments securely and quickly. 

Payment Institutions 3D Regular Cancellation/Refund Card Storage Recurring Payment Installment Payment
Flexiblepos - - -
Pay TR (Direct API)
Sipay - - -
Wyld - -
Craftgate - - -
WeePay - -
Pay N Easy - -
QNBPay - -
Paybull - -
United Payment - -
Vepara - -
Ozan - -
Mollie - -
Shopier - -
Paycell - -
My WorkplacePOS - - -
Papara - -
Rubik's Money (New) - -

*Papara was added to the free version with version v3.7.39.

Organizations Expected to Cooperate

If your contracted payment institution is not included in our lists, the only thing you need to do for this is to contact us and send us the developer documents. We will be happy to include your contracted organization in POS Integrator.

  • Stripe
  • Turkey Finance
  • AllPay
  • Paynet
  • Sodexo or Edenred

Supported Bank Integrations

POS Integratorworks in integration with the most common large-scale banks in Turkey. You can start receiving payments in the most convenient way for you by choosing the bank you own Virtual POS.

Banks 3D Regular Cancellation/Refund Installment Payment
Garanti BBVA
İş Bank of Turkey
Kuveyt Turk Participation -*
Ziraat Bank
Ziraat Participation
QNB Finansbank **
Sugar Bank
Tosla (AKÖde)
Halkbank (Macedonia)

*Not supported by the bank.

** works with EST and Payfor.

Supported Alternative Payment Integrations

Organization 3D Regular Cancellation/Refund Installment Payment
Guarantee PAY
Pay with Iyzico
Business Bank Girogate (26 Foreign Organizations)
pos integrator installment blocking.png

Constantly Updated and Stable

Easily integrate your contracted integration with more than 40 payment institutions, banks and alternative payment integrations and simulate the entire process thanks to the test mode.

What is Virtual POS Integration?

Virtual POS is a payment method used for online transactions. An e-commerce business uses a virtual POS integration to enable its customers to pay with payment instruments such as credit or debit cards. The virtual POS securely processes the customer's card information, allowing the payment to be made and finalized.

WordPress Virtual POS Integrations

Payment integration for your websites allows your users to securely complete the online checkout experience.  POS Integrator offers WordPress virtual POS integrations for many banks and payment institutions. Using these integrations, you can easily manage e-commerce transactions on your WordPress site and offer a secure payment experience. How to integrate WordPress virtual POS You can get detailed information by reviewing our guide. Here we are integrated with some of the most widely used banks and payment institutions in Turkey.

  1. WordPress Akbank Virtual POS Integration: Akbank is one of the leading banks in Turkey and offers virtual POS services for e-commerce websites. WordPress users can offer their customers secure payment options through Akbank by using special plugins that connect with Akbank.

  2. WordPress İş Bank Virtual POS Integration: İşbank is one of the largest private banks in Turkey and provides virtual POS services to e-commerce sites. 

  3. WordPress Garanti Virtual POS Integration: Garanti Bank is a widely used bank in Turkey and provides virtual POS services to e-commerce sites. 

  4. WordPress PayTR Virtual POS Integration: PayTR is a popular payment organization in Turkey and offers virtual POS services to e-commerce sites. PayTR has a special plugin for WordPress and you can easily integrate it into your site with PayTR integration through this plugin.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find the payment institution you are looking for in our current list, there is no need to worry. We are constantly adding new payment solutions and integrations based on the needs of our customers. If you have a specific request for the payment institution you are looking for, please contact us get in touch. Our team will be happy to assist you to provide solutions tailored to your needs. 

POS Integrator provides integration with many leading payment organizations. The list of currently supported organizations and specific integration details for each bank are available on our website.

The documents required for Virtual POS integration may vary depending on the type of your business and the requirements of the bank you want to integrate with. Generally, corporate documents such as tax certificate, trade registry gazette and signature circular are required.

The duration of the integration process may vary depending on the selected bank and the technical infrastructure of your business. On average, the integration process can be completed within one day.

There are no additional fees for the services provided by the POS Integrator for Virtual POS integration. However, payment institutions may have their own service fees.

Yes, it is possible to integrate with multiple banks. In this way, businesses can reach a wider audience by offering different payment options to their customers. You can reduce your Virtual POS commission expenses. For this topic Gate You can examine our feature.