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WordPress Ziraat Bank Virtual POS Installation Guide [2024]

wordpress ziraat bank virtual pos

How to get Ziraat Bank Virtual POS?

Ziraat Bank Virtual POS in order to have one, you must first You need to apply for a POS by going to the address. Virtual POS You can find the necessary information on the website or customer service.

wordpress ziraat bank virtual pos
WordPress Ziraat Bank Virtual POS Installation Guide [2024]

What are the Necessary Conditions?

Virtual POS After the approval of the application, the company integration process is realized. After this step, the application is trained, tested at the end of the training and if successful Ziraat Bank Virtual POS with product sales comes into play.

Requirements for Ziraat Bank Virtual POS application;

  • The company's website is open and the payment steps are working,
  • Website SSL certificate,
  • Credit card option on the payment screen,
  • E-commerce have catalog and shopping cart categories for their pages,
  • The presence of a privacy pledge and security policy on the website,
  • E-commerce Specifying how to make product delivery for sites,
  • The company's address, telephone, fax numbers, e-mail information is up-to-date and accurate on the website,
  • If sales will be made in foreign currency, display the sales rate on the website,
  • The company should submit the documents received from the authorized institutions in the field in which it will operate at the time of application,
  • For Tourism Enterprises TURSAB Certificate for businesses engaged in the sale of medicines Ministry of HealthCertificate of Authorization,
  • If the sale of firearms and explosive materials that are a means of play and entertainment GovernorshipSales Authorization Certificate from
  • Finally, illegal products should not be sold on the site.
wordpress ziraat bank virtual pos
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What are the Required Documents?

Ziraat Bank Virtual POS in order to have one, you must first You need to apply for pos by going to the address. The required documents are as follows;

- Sample identity card

- Tax plate

- Partnership agreement

- Signature circular

- Photocopy of the trade registry gazette

What are Virtual POS Commission Rates?

To find out commission rates Ziraat Bank you can call the customer representative.

WordPress Ziraat Bank Virtual POS Plugin

WordPress Ziraat Virtual POS integration allows to diversify payment methods for receiving payments and offers credit card and other electronic payment options to customers. This integration provides the infrastructure needed to perform payment transactions quickly and securely. Customers can easily complete the payment process, which positively affects the shopping experience and increases sales.

Another advantage of virtual POS integration is that it helps businesses build a loyal customer base by increasing customer satisfaction. Offering fast and secure payment options ensures that customers shop again and again and have a positive shopping experience. It also increases the efficiency of businesses by helping to easily manage online sales and automate payment processes. As a result, WordPress Ziraat Virtual POS integration offers e-commerce businesses a secure and user-friendly shopping environment as well as the opportunity to increase sales.

For more information, Our WordPress Payment Module you can visit.

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WordPress Ziraat Bank Virtual POS Installation Guide [2024]

How to Install Ziraat Bank Virtual POS on WordPress?

  1. Make a Virtual POS agreement with Ziraat Bank and get an account.
  2. Install and activate the WooCommerce plugin on WordPress.
  3. Search for the "Ziraat Virtual POS" plugin, install and activate it.
  4. Go to WooCommerce settings, enable "Ziraat Virtual POS" and enter your account details.
  5. Test payments by activating test mode.
  6. Complete the tests and switch to live mode.
  7. Check security and complete the integration.

Now Ziraat Virtual POS will be enabled on your WordPress site and you will be able to offer secure payment options to your customers.

Woocommerce Ziraat Bank Virtual POS Plugin

If you are using WooCommerce infrastructure and want to receive payments with Ziraat Virtual POS, you can do this by using POS Integrator. POS Integrator works fully integrated with many payment institutions and banks, allowing you to easily manage payment transactions.

To learn more about the features and capabilities offered by POS Integrator, please click here Click here.

Installation and Virtual POS settings are very simple. You can start receiving payments immediately by setting up quickly and easily.

You can also easily manage the cancellation and refund processes of payment transactions through the POS Integrator panel.

For more detailed information and installation steps our help page you can visit.

Note: I am not a real POS Integrator or a platform that offers transaction processing services, I have only provided a fictional example. To use a real POS Integrator, you can visit the websites of the relevant service providers to get detailed information and perform transactions.

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