Experience of Working in Harmony

Compatibility List

We are aware that an advanced WordPress plugin must work in harmony with other plugins and themes. Knowing that this is a necessity, we test our products with different plugins, extensions, themes and versions and make our products compatible with stakeholder structures with the feedback we have gained and received from you in our WordPress product development adventure. On this page you can access the tested compatibility lists tested by us. Ideas You can give us feedback on the Roadmap and follow our product development. 

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Fully Compatible with the WordPress World

POS Integrator has been tested and tested with the themes, plugins, extensions specified in the list. It is unlikely that there will be any problems with the themes not included in this list, except for appearance adjustments, color, CSS style changes.

During or after installation, you can get support from us to ensure compatibility with themes, extensions or add-ons. Please contact us communication go through and give feedback.

Tested Themes

















Tested Plugins, Extensions






LiteSpeed Cache


In addition, POS Integrator is fully compatible with all the plugins it integrates (WooCommerce, WooCommerce Subs, GiveWP, LearnPress, EDD, Elementor, WooCommerce Block, The Events Calendar).

PHP, WordPress Compatibility


PHP 7.4

PHP 8.0, 8.1

WordPress 5.9 and above

Why is it important to be compatible with other plugins and themes?

WordPress is a flexible content management system with a variety of plugins available. The strength of WordPress is the ability to add various plugins according to the needs of the users and the ability of these plugins to work in harmony with each other. Plugins are used to increase the functionality of the website, add features and improve the user experience. The theme determines the design and look of your site.


WordPress plugins enhance your blog by adding many features and increasing the functionality of the website. For example, there are plugins in many different areas such as SEO optimization, contact forms, speed optimization, security and more. The compatibility of plugins allows you to combine these functionalities seamlessly.

User Experience

Visitors to your blog may have high expectations for site performance and user experience. Having plugins working in harmony minimizes issues that negatively impact the user experience. For example, a slow-loading plugin can affect the operation of other plugins, or incompatible plugins can cause conflicts with each other. Such issues can cause visitors to spend less time on the site and not return.

The harmonious operation of themes and plugins positively affects your site's performance and user experience. That's why it's important to make your choices carefully and keep an eye out for regular updates.