Test Mode

Simplify Your Trials with Test Mode

You can try your experiments during development on the sites you will build with WordPress. easily for you to be able to do it.

Virtual POS your trial phases with the test information you receive from the provider organizations and the test card information that comes automatically in the payment form. you can shorten it.

Designed for Who

This feature was designed and thought for Webmasters and Testers!

POS Integrator - Test Mode

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What Do We Promise?

When setting up a site, it is important to test and experience whether the payment processes are working correctly.

When it comes to virtual POS integration, everyone who has experienced this process knows that access to test cards and information for successful / unsuccessful test cases and for different organizations creates a waste of time.

We developed this feature to make it easier for teams building and testing sites.

  • Your testing process will speed up.
  • You will not have to search for a test card.
  • When working in a local environment you will create a comfortable working environment.