Card Storage

Gain Speed with Card Storage

Users' card information is securely saved, allowing them to quickly complete their orders without re-entering their card information in subsequent orders.

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This feature is designed and thought for Entrepreneur / Business Owner and Customer Satisfaction!

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Gain Speed in Payments

This feature was developed to make it faster and easier for your customers to checkout when they make a purchase on your website. 

It allows you to save card information and receive payments easily without the need to re-enter card information for each payment.

It provides a faster payment experience and minimizes the error rate. Unfortunately, this feature is not supported by all payment institutions and banks. from here you can reach. 

How Card Storage Works

It offers both convenience and high-level security to our valued customers. Thanks to this feature, your customers' card information is securely stored directly by payment institutions. During transactions, a "cardToken" is used, which is created exclusively for the site and unique to each customer. This cardToken means that card details are not stored on your systems at any stage, so you don't have to worry about security.

Your customers don't have to re-enter their card details for repeat purchases, giving them a fast and seamless checkout experience. This increases customer satisfaction and improves your conversion rates.

Remember, by using this feature, you can both simplify your transactions and reinforce your customers' trust in your site. With card storage, recurring payments are now safer, faster and much easier!

The Importance of Card Storage in E-Commerce

In the world of e-commerce, many strategies are implemented to improve customer experience and increase sales. One of these strategies is card storage. Card storage allows customers to store their payment information securely, allowing them to pay quickly and easily for future purchases. This feature both increases customer satisfaction and offers significant advantages for e-commerce businesses.

Customer Experience

Card storage primarily improves the customer experience. Customers do not have to re-enter their payment details the next time they shop. This is a great convenience, especially for mobile shoppers. A fast and seamless checkout process increases customer satisfaction and makes them more likely to shop on the same site again.

Increasing Sales

Card storage also contributes to increased sales. Speeding up the checkout process is especially critical for impulse purchases. When customers don't waste time at the checkout stage and can complete the transaction smoothly, they are more likely to finish their purchases. This helps to reduce cart abandonment rates and therefore increase sales.

Customer Loyalty

Card storage can be integrated with customer loyalty programs. For example, customers can earn points every time they shop and redeem these points for discounts on future purchases. Since customers' payment information is stored, it is easier for them to participate in the loyalty program and redeem points. This increases the likelihood of customers choosing the same platform.


Card storage is also important for security. Customers' payment information is encrypted and stored in accordance with international security standards such as PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). This ensures that customers' information is protected and allows businesses to provide a reliable service. A secure shopping experience increases customer trust in the brand and ensures long-term customer loyalty.

Competitive Advantage

Finally, card storage gives e-commerce businesses a competitive advantage. Platforms that offer a fast and secure payment process are more likely to be preferred among customers. This feature helps businesses stand out, especially in the e-commerce sector where there is intense competition.

In conclusion, card storage in e-commerce is a critical function that improves the customer experience, increases sales, raises security standards and ensures customer loyalty. This feature contributes to businesses gaining a competitive advantage and succeeding in the long term.

It works on card information stored by payment institutions. Transactions are made with the cardToken created specifically for the site, so the security of your information is ensured at the highest level. Card information is not stored on your site during or after payment and cannot be accessed.

Our customers' card details, PCI DSS standards and are stored by payment institutions. We only use the cardToken required for transactions, so your card details are not shared directly with us.