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GiveWP Virtual POS Integration

Integrate with the leading fundraising plugin GiveWP in minutes and start using it immediately

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givewp virtual pos integration
GiveWP 3.0 Fully Compatible with versions and above!

Get Donations Easily and Quickly

POS Integrator is fully integrated with GiveWP. Quickly integrate with GiveWP in minutes and start receiving donations immediately.

Receive Donations with Payment Institutions and Banks

With 10+ Payment institutions and 15+ Banks WordPress on your website GiveWP you can start receiving donations immediately.

With POS Integrator, you can quickly integrate with GiveWp, the leading fundraising plugin, and start using it immediately.

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Works with Give Form

GiveWP You can have a transparent donation experience on your site with the POS integrator payment form that works fully compatible with the donation form field.

Test Mode

Thanks to the test mode, you can put your donation form through a realistic testing process before opening it to users and be ready for the whole process.

In this way, you can ensure that users have a smooth payment experience during checkout.

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What is GiveWP?

Nowadays, online donations are vital for fundraising organizations, charities and NGOs for a variety of reasons. WordPress users One of the most popular and reliable fundraising plugins for GiveWPis. 

GiveWPis a WordPress-based fundraising plugin. It is especially designed for non-profit organizations, associations, charity projects and campaigns. GiveWPallows you to easily accept donations, create campaigns and interact with donors on your website.

GiveWPPOS Integrator is fully compatible with Many payments organization. Donors can pay securely and receive your donations quickly.

GiveWPwith its user-friendly interface and rich feature set, simplifies the fundraising process. WordPress is an ideal option for organizations that need a secure and effective donation system on a platform.

GiveWP Virtual POS Payment Plugin

GiveWP plugin for WordPress is a tool for managing fundraising. GiveWP Virtual POS integration allows users to accept online donations through your website, allowing your donors to give in a secure and user-friendly way. 

GiveWP has many different payment plugins available. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose one of GiveWP payment plugins to offer secure and user-friendly donation processing.

GiveWP virtual POS plugin POS Integrator you can easily, quickly and seamlessly integrate with payment institutions and banks in Turkey. 

How to Get WordPress Donations

WordPress offers an ideal platform for any website project with its flexibility and wide ecosystem of plugins. Especially for fundraising websites, powerful fundraising plugins like GiveWP allow site owners to manage their fundraising processes easily and effectively. The GiveWP plugin makes fundraising more secure and convenient with virtual POS integration.

Virtual POS integrationsynchronizes your website's fundraising directly with your bank accounts, making the fundraising process faster and smoother. The integration allows donors to donate with their credit or debit cards, while at the same time ensuring secure transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Receiving donations with WordPress is easy with POS Integrator. The world's most well-known fundraising plugin GiveWP fully integrated with POS Integrator Proallows you to seamlessly receive donations from your WordPress-based websites.

POS Integrator is fully integrated with 40+ payment organizations. Virtual POS Integration list from here you can reach.  

Virtual POS integration integrates your website's donation receiving page with your bank's payment infrastructure. This allows donors to securely donate directly through your website.

GiveWP is a fundraising and management plugin for WordPress sites. The plugin stands out with its features such as creating donation campaigns, donor management, reporting and many more.

Yes, the GiveWP plugin and virtual POS integration allows you to customize your fundraising page according to your needs. From the design of the fundraising form to the donation options, you can customize many details.