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WooCommerce Virtual POS Integration

WooCommerce virtual POS integration has never been easier. With easy, fast, stable integrations best WooCommerce virtual POS plugin

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Get Paid Quickly and Easily with WooCommerce Virtual POS Integration

With the POS Integrator plugin, you can complete your payment receiving processes quickly and easily. 

With WooCommerce virtual POS plugin POS Integrator, you can easily, quickly and seamlessly integrate with payment institutions and banks in Turkey. 

Fast Payments and Secure Shopping: Our plugin supports speed increase on your site with HPOS support. It allows you to make your payments quickly and securely, thus satisfying your customers.

Seamless Shopping with Advanced Features for WooCommerce!

POS Integrator to further enhance your WooCommerce shopping site and give your customers an exclusive experience We designed it to support all the advanced features of WooCommerce.
WooCommerce Blocks, HPOS, WooCommerce Subscription, Cancellation/Refund We support many advanced features such as easy management of transactions and flexible control of installment options.
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Flexible Installment Options

You are in financial control with the ability to block installment options for specific products or categories. Customize according to your needs.

Easy Installment Planning

Offer your customers easy payment options by adding a special installment tab. This way, shoppers can make payment plans that fit their budgets.

Installment rates are automatically collected by the bank or payment institution you use and displayed to your customers.

You can provide a fully compatible look on your website with two views, vertical and horizontal.

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pos integrator woocommerce subscription

Subscription Options for Loyal Customers

Offer loyalty programs to your customers, generate regular revenue, collect recurring payments and strengthen your customer relationships with WooCommerce Subscription feature.

Integrated Cancel/Refund Support with WooCommerce

Your customers' cancelations or refunds are automatically reflected in their WooCommerce orders, making things more manageable for you. Cancellations/refunds from transactions trigger a change in WooCommerce statuses. This way, your order and stock management will not be interrupted.

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WooCommerce Virtual POS

WooCommerce is the world's most popular e-commerce platform and is used by many online stores. WooCommerce Virtual POS integrationmakes it possible for WooCommerce users to pay by credit card and other payment methods.

Our plugin, many different POS works in harmony with its provider. This is one of the preferred POS provider and ensures that payment transactions are carried out smoothly. POS Integrator; It is a plugin that provides virtual POS integration to WooCommerce stores.

Integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce. Once you add it to your store, you can quickly configure payment options and start receiving payments. In addition, the plugin's user-friendly interface allows you to easily configure settings.

POS Integrator virtual POS plugin enables businesses to track and report payment transactions. You can analyze sales data, measure the performance of your business and improve your financial management.

Free WooCommerce Virtual POS Plugin

With the free version of our POS Integrator plugin, you can complete your payment taking processes quickly and easily. When your needs and e-commerce start to diversify, you can use our advanced PRO version, you can create advantages for your customers and diversify your payment experience.

With your contracted bank WooCommerce bank integration you can get the opportunity to work with more favorable commission rates and terms than fintech solutions. You can also create a loyal customer base by offering your customers the advantages offered by the bank you work with, such as installments, additional installments or accumulation of money points. Supported WordPress virtual POS integrationsYou can check if your bank is on the list

WooCommerce is an e-commerce platform that can integrate with various payment plugins. These plugins enable your customers to pay in a secure and user-friendly way. WooCommerce's payment plugins work integrated with various payment providers and services.

WooCommerce has many different payment plugins available. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose one of the WooCommerce payment plugins to offer secure and user-friendly payment processing on your online store.

With WooCommerce virtual POS plugin POS Integrator, you can easily, quickly and seamlessly integrate with payment institutions and banks in Turkey. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Versions are Compatible with WooCommerce Virtual POS Integration?

POS Integrator WooCommerce Virtual POS Payment Integration, 5.x, 6.x and 7.x versions work in good compatibility.

Is WooCommerce Virtual POS Integration Free?

WooCommerce Virtual POS Integration, POS Integrator Lite version is available. Download the plugin from the WordPress store free WooCommerce virtual POS integrations you can try.

How to Setup WooCommerce Virtual POS Integration?

Virtual POS integration, you first need to choose a payment institution. It is important that the organization you choose is reliable, cost-effective and suitable for the payment options you offer to your customers.

To integrate Virtual POS, you need to install a plugin suitable for your WordPress site. At this point POS Integrator comes into play. With our plugin, you can skip one more step in payment setup.