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POS Integratoris one step ahead of its competitors with its many functional features. As a WordPress Online Payment pluginaims to enable both the business and the customer to perform payment transactions in an easy, fast and uninterrupted way. In line with this goal, it contains many different features.

One Plugin, Multiple Operations

We have developed a new payment processing system to test and experience whether payment transactions are working correctly when setting up a website. Test Mode can be used through the panel without the hassle of using a second screen cancel and return featureyou can increase your earnings by choosing the most suitable virtual POS option without installing a different plugin. support for multiple Virtual POS, a step-by-step report of all payments that pass through your site, making it easy to detect any disruption during payment transaction history and error trace display capability.

Pos Integrator
Other Payment Institution Add-ons
Competitor Plugins
Customized payment form for your brand - White Label
Return Option via Panel
Installment Shopping Support
Advanced Test Mode
Transaction History and Error Monitoring Screen
WooCommerce follows the latest updates of WordPress and PHP
Installation Support. Live support during working hours with Ticket
Card Storage
Recurring Payment Support (Woocommerce Subscriptions)
Category Based Installment Blocking
Showing installment options before payment with installment table
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Best WordPress Online Payment Plugin

POS Integrator is one of the most innovative and reliable WordPress online payment plugins in the industry. This plugin is constantly updated, latest virtual pos integrations and hundreds of happy customers is different from other WordPress online payment plugins.

Some Key Concepts that Differentiate POS Integrator from Other WordPress Online Payment Plugins

  1. Continuously Updated Structure: As technology advances rapidly, the POS Integrator team works diligently to ensure that the plugin is always up to date. This way, users always have the opportunity to use the latest payment technologies and integrations.

  2. Wide Range of Integrations: POS Integrator supports the latest integrations of not only banks but also various payment organizations. This ensures that users can easily find the payment solution that best suits their business.

  3. Happy Customer Base: Hundreds of happy customers are the biggest testament to the smooth and seamless payment experience POS Integrator provides. These users have confirmed the plugin's reliability and performance through first-hand experience.

  4. Communication with Payment Institutions and Banks: The POS Integrator team is in constant communication with payment institutions and banks, providing fast and effective solutions to any problems that may arise. This approach ensures that the plugin always performs at its best.

  5. Become Unique in the WordPress Store: Other payment plugins available in the WordPress plugin store usually only support payment organizations and are not updated frequently. They may also fail to keep up with WordPress' major version updates. However, POS Integrator overcomes these shortcomings and provides its users with an always up-to-date, reliable and comprehensive payment solution.

WordPress online payment plugin POS Integrator is one of the best choices for WordPress users for online payments with its constantly updated structure, wide range of integrations, happy customer base, effective communication with payment organizations and banks, and unique position in the WordPress store. These features clearly distinguish POS Integrator from other WordPress online payment plugins in the industry and add value to its users.

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Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we aim to provide you with the highest quality product. We work meticulously to ensure that POS Integrator works in perfect harmony with your business.

For virtual POS, integrations, themes that our plugin is compatible with, you can find a "Compatibility List"This list includes products that have been tested and confirmed that our software works smoothly.

We offer you a "Money Back Guarantee" in case our plugin does not work with the virtual POS, integrations and themes we have committed to. If you contact us within 14 days from the date of purchase, you will receive your payment back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Banks often provide payment integration through API services instead of developing custom plugins directly for e-commerce platforms. This gives e-commerce platform developers and third-party developers the opportunity to create payment plugins that support various bank integrations. This approach allows banks to focus on technology development and developers to create solutions that meet a variety of needs.

Plugin updates are made regularly to add new features, security improvements and bug fixes. The frequency of updates may vary depending on the developer of the plugin and changes in payment technology. It is important to keep your plugins regularly updated to ensure your security and to guarantee smooth plugin operation.

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POS Integrator Business Now On Sale 10%!

With 12 installments!