At POS Entegrator (GurmeSoft Bilişim Gıda Ticaret Limited Şirketi), our top priority is privacy. This Privacy Policy explains how GURMESOFT BİLİŞİM GIDA TİCARET LİMİTED ŞİRKETİ and its group of companies ("we", "our" or "us") will collect and use your personal information when you use our websites, web panels and/or other services that link to this Privacy Policy ("Services"), including and those offered by

This Privacy Policy does not apply to any third party websites and applications that you may use, including those linked to our service and services. You should review the terms and policies for third party websites and applications before clicking on any link that leads to another address (domain).

POS Integrator provides many services to its users such as product management, product title optimization, price optimization, visual optimization. The person using all these services agrees to share personal data with us in order for us to improve the quality of the services. This information can be both personal and information about the devices they use. Please read our policies below carefully.

1. How is Personal Information / Data Collected?

Personal data differs according to the types of applications and services. However, when you use them, the use of your personal data is left entirely to your choice. However, if you do not provide us with the information we request, you may not be able to fully benefit from our application.

2. How Personal Information/Data is Used

We keep the data we collect on record and use it to improve our services, fix bugs and provide you with a better service, develop new products and services and for marketing campaigns.

For example:

  • Adding virtual pos for different payment institutions
  • Providing integrations with different WordPress plugins
  • Providing the most seamless payment solutions for your site
  • To make preliminary studies suitable for you according to your company profile,
  • Testing new services and services,
  • Communicating directly with you in case of requests and complaints,
  • To communicate legal changes to you,

3. Sharing of Personal Information / Data

Your personal information and data are not shared with any situation that can be described as sales.

Sharing status of Personal Data and Information:

  • Only your contact information is shared with the companies we cooperate with to improve our applications.
  • Your information may be shared with all our business partners. However, they must also use it in accordance with this policy.
  • Only your contact details are shared with marketing partners.
  • All your information is shared with public and state authorities who have the legal right to request your data.
  • If you have agreed to different ways of use when your data is collected, your data may be shared on a case-by-case basis.
  • Third party applications: If third party applications need to process your data (e.g. payment), this data may be shared with these parties.

4. Retention of Personal Data / Information

Your data and information will only be stored for as long as necessary. These periods may vary depending on the processing times. If the legal retention date is longer than our retention date, then the legal date will be taken as the basis. If our processing time is shorter than the legal period, your data will be stored in a completely closed area until the end of the legal period

5. Your Choices

Motion on modification and restriction of information:

  • Profile: You do not have to fill in all your profile information, but it is necessary for us to be able to access you. Missing information may prevent you from fully utilizing all services.
  • Notifications If you do not enter your contact details, you will not receive any notifications, but if they are entered, mandatory notifications will definitely be sent.
  • Cookies and similar technologies: We use/will use cookies and similar technologies to analyze the functioning of the system and to provide you with better service in line with the results we obtain. If you turn them off, our services will not work.
  • Removal of Your Information: You can contact us at any time to have your information removed. Please check Section 10 for transportation information. Data will be stored as in Section 4.

6. Privacy Rights

You can access your privacy and access rights at any time.

For example:

  • In special cases, you can contact us using the information in Section 10 to request that we delete all your data.
  • You can unsubscribe from the emails we send by clicking on the relevant field.
  • POS Integrator accepts that the information entered into the POS Integrator is always correct and that you will receive this information upon request. Therefore, we may direct you to some services.

7. Protection of Personal Data

We protect your personal data by physical, administrative and electronic means. These may vary depending on the importance of the data. The display of data is filtered, preventing loss or unauthorized access. 

8. Document changes

This document may be updated according to legal changes, changes in our company policies, changes in data usage, new open and/or closed services. In the event of these changes, we will notify you by e-mail with detailed information. Please visit this page frequently to check for changes.

9. Contact us

For questions, requests or complaints, please use the contact channels on our website. You can find various ways of access at the address below:

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