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Ninja Forms Virtual POS Integration

Virtual POS integration for Ninja Forms has never been easier.

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ninja forms virtual pos integration

Create Custom Payment Forms

Ninja Forms's flexible form creation features, you can create custom payment forms. With just a few clicks, you can design the form with the payment information you want and make it compatible with the aesthetics of your site.

Secure Payment Transactions

POS Integrator securely processes payment information from Ninja Forms. Your customers can shop with ease and you can continue your business with a reliable payment infrastructure.

POS Integrator Ninja Forms
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Get Paid with Special Amount

Custom amounts allow you to make special offers or deals with your customers. This can increase customer satisfaction and lead to more business. Your customers In the payment form you create with Ninja Forms, you can pass the payment with the price you set.

Track Your Payment Transactions

Thanks to POS Integrator's transactions page, you can track all payments that pass through your POS without any e-commerce plugin, determine why failed orders failed, and have full control of the payment transactions on your site.

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What is Ninja Forms?

Ninja Forms is a user-friendly and flexible form builder plugin for WordPress. With this plugin, users can easily create various forms through a drag-and-drop interface without the need for any coding knowledge. The wide range of features offered by Ninja Forms can meet many different needs, from online surveys to contact forms to payment forms.

Main Features:

  • User Friendly Interface: Ninja Forms has an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to create forms. This way, you can quickly create forms without requiring technical knowledge.

  • Customizable Form Fields: It offers various form fields (text boxes, selection boxes, checkboxes, file uploads, etc.) and these fields can be customized according to needs.

  • Shortcodes and Widget Support: Generated forms are easily added anywhere on your WordPress site via shortcodes or widgets.

  • Adaptive Responses: You can set automatic responses to form submissions from users and fully customize these responses.

  • Integrations: Ninja Forms has the ability to integrate with various third-party services (MailChimp, POS Integrator and more). These integrations offer a wide range of functionality from email marketing campaigns to payment processing.

  • Security: In order to ensure the security of the data collected through the Forms, Ninja Forms includes various security measures.

  • Flexible Add-ons: Numerous add-ons are available that extend the functionality of Ninja Forms. With these plugins, you can add features for your specific needs.

Areas of Use:

  • Contact Forms: Used for visitors to ask questions, give feedback or request quotes.
  • Survey and Questionnaire Forms: Surveys can be created to measure user opinions, preferences or satisfaction.
  • Registration Forms: Registration forms can be created for events, webinars or courses.
  • Payment and Donation Forms: Payments and fundraising can be processed through Ninja Forms and integrated payment processors.

Advantages of Using Ninja Forms

  • Flexible Form Creation: Thanks to the drag and drop interface, you can easily add and edit form fields. This makes it easy to create forms for users according to their specific needs.

  • Custom Fields and Options: It supports various form types using many custom form fields such as text boxes, check boxes, radio buttons, drop-down menus, etc.
  • Form Submission Management: It provides an easy interface for managing and storing form submissions. You can use the admin panel to access the data submitted by users and analyze responses.

What can be done with Ninja Forms Virtual POS Integration

Integration with the Ninja Forms plugin allows users to create the custom form structures they need and accept payments through these forms. This way, businesses can offer their customers more flexible and personalized payment options. Whether it's a booking fee, product sale, or service fee, any payment transaction can be easily managed through Ninja Forms.

During payment processing, users can securely receive payments from banks and payment institutions directly through their website. This process helps both businesses and customers save time and resources. You can also offer your customers a more dynamic and interactive experience by collecting payments with booking links. For example, when registering for an event or booking an appointment for a special service, you can present your customers with specially designed payment forms and collect payment through these forms.

With Ninja Forms and POS Integrator's virtual POS integration, you can offer businesses a flexible, secure and user-friendly payment infrastructure. With our integration, you can customize your payment processes according to your own needs, increase your customer satisfaction and manage your business more efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ninja Forms Virtual POS Integration is a solution that connects Ninja Forms plugin used on WordPress-based websites with various virtual POS providers to facilitate payment taking. With this integration, website owners can accept payments directly through the form.

No, no special coding knowledge is required for integration. The integration process can be performed step by step via a user-friendly interface. A detailed installation and user manual guides you through the integration process.