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POS Integrator is the best WordPress virtual POS plugin. POS Integrator is the best the most powerful and user-friendly WordPress payment plugin that makes It's great. some of the features.

POS Integrator - Virtual POS Features
POS Integrator - Virtual POS Features
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A Single Plugin Multiple Virtual POS

It allows you to quickly integrate across different payment institutions and commissions.

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Cancellation Refund

The payment institution allows you to process refunds without the need for bank screens.

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Test Mode

It allows you to set up your test environment easily and quickly. This way you can experience payment processing in advance.

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Card Storage

Their card details are securely stored, allowing them to complete their orders quickly on subsequent orders.


Installment Rules

With the installment rules feature, you can set installment limits or block installments for products in the categories you specify in accordance with e-commerce law.


Payment Transaction Reports

It records and reports errors that occur during payment. It prevents you from losing customers as a result of incorrect transactions.

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Convenient Payment Form

It offers a better customer experience with the ability to take payments via the credit card form on the payment page, without a common payment page.

google tag manager

Tag Manager

Integrate with Google Tag Manager and reflect your returns and transactions in analytics to boost your marketing and feel the difference.



Thanks to the Notifications feature, if a successful / unsuccessful transaction occurs through your POS, a notification e-mail is sent instantly to the e-mail addresses you specify.

plus installments

Plus Installment

With the + Installment feature, you can offer + installments to your customers during their payments and allow them to choose according to your agreement with the payment institution / bank you have contracted with.



With POS Integrator, you can receive payments in all currencies. The active currency on your payment page is transmitted to the bank/payment institution and payment is made.

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It makes it possible to connect POS Integrator to another service or services, enabling your business to operate at scale. 


Google Sheets

Google Sheets integration offers operational ease by enabling easy management and analysis of data. This accelerates reporting and data sharing, increases collaboration and efficiency.

Best Payment Integration Plugin for WordPress: POS Integrator

Strengthen Your E-Commerce with POS Integrator

In the world of e-commerce, success depends on how fast and seamless you can make the checkout process for your customers. That's where POS Integrator comes in, seamlessly connecting your WordPress site to leading payment institutions and banks, making it easy for your online business to take payments. Maximize your e-commerce potential with the features POS Integrator offers.

Fast and Easy Integration

POS Integrator makes it easy to integrate with different payment providers and banks. With a single plugin, you can integrate multiple payment options into your site. This means time savings for both you and your customers.

Secure Payment Infrastructure

Security is a top priority in online payments. POS Integrator is equipped with industry-standard security measures such as SSL encryption, fraud prevention systems and PCI DSS compliance. Your customers' information is always safe.

User Friendly Interface

POS Integrator has a user-friendly interface for both business owners and customers. It offers a fast and fluid experience without confusing your customers with complicated steps during payment transactions.

Multi-Currency and Language Support

Are you a global business? POS Integrator enables you to reach customers around the world thanks to its multi-currency and language support. Thus, you can increase your international sales potential.

Detailed Reporting and Analysis

POS Integrator provides detailed reports about your sales, transaction success rates. This data helps you monitor your business performance and optimize your strategies.

Continuous Support

Whenever you have questions or need, POS Integrator's experienced WordPress support team is always with you. With fast and effective solutions, we ensure that your business runs smoothly.

Choose POS Integrator to take your e-commerce site to the next level. Offer your customers a great shopping experience with easy integration, secure payment infrastructure and multi-language support. Contact us today and make a new start in your e-commerce journey!

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POS Integrator Business Now On Sale 10%!

With 12 installments!