Gate Feature

Multiple POS at the same time!

With the Gate feature, you can receive payments from different poses according to the rules you set

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This feature was designed and thought for the Entrepreneur / Business Owner and Site Developer!

POS Integrator Gate

Use all POS at the same time

With Gate feature card bank can determine the POS to be used for payment according to the number of installments, card brand(s), payment amount, card country and for you most convenient virtual POS'you can choose.

Gate Feature Use Multiple POS with One App

It equips your e-commerce site's payment infrastructure with groundbreaking flexibility. With this innovative feature, you can simultaneously multiple virtual POS system, you can have your transactions debited from different virtual POSs depending on the amount, card type and card family. This gives you the opportunity to significantly reduce your costs, especially due to changes in commission rates of different banks and payment providers.

 You can automatically route your sales transactions to the POS with the most favorable commission rates, thus maximizing savings on every transaction. Whether local or international cards, you can offer the best payment experience based on your customers' payment preferences. This not only reduces costs, but also increases customer satisfaction and improves repeat purchase rates.

By enabling you to intelligently manage your business' payment processes and improve your financial performance, it helps you stand out in the e-commerce world. Take a powerful step towards growing your business by making your payment processes more efficient.

Benefits of POS Integrator's Gate Feature

The e-commerce world is pushing businesses to seek new solutions with increasing competition and customer expectations. In this context, the Gate Feature offered by POS Integrator provides both cost advantages to internet and e-commerce site owners and offers a sustainable growth opportunity by increasing customer satisfaction.

1. Cost Optimization: By integrating with multiple banks and payment institutions, it allows you to take advantage of the different commission rates offered by each organization. In this way, you can reduce your business' payment processing costs and increase your profit margin. This is a significant cost advantage, especially for e-commerce sites that process transactions on a large scale.

2. Increasing Customer Satisfaction: By increasing the variety of payment options you offer to your customers, you can improve their shopping experience. You can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by offering special installment options, campaigns and discounts for different bank cards. This is an effective way to keep your customers on your site longer and increase the likelihood of them making a purchase.

3. Business Continuity and Risk Management: Dependency on a single payment provider can jeopardize your business continuity in the event of technical issues or outages. By integrating with multiple payment providers, Gate distributes the potential risks and helps your business maintain uninterrupted transaction processing.

4. Competitive Advantage: By using the Gate feature, you can differentiate your business from its peers and offer customers a more attractive shopping environment. Convenience and variety in the checkout process can positively influence customers' purchasing decisions and encourage them to choose you again.

5. Special Study for Various Card Brands: The Gate feature has the capacity to work with different card brands (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc.). This allows your business to expand its customer base and offer each customer's preferred payment method. Special campaigns and installment options for different card brands can also be used to attract your customers.

POS Integrator's Gate Feature gives internet and e-commerce website owners the opportunity to stand out in today's competitive e-commerce landscape. Discover this powerful tool to enrich the customer experience and ensure the sustainable growth of your business while optimizing your costs. 

The Gate feature is a functionality that allows your e-commerce site to use multiple POS systems at the same time. You can automatically redirect to the most appropriate POS system according to the amount, card type and card family.

Using multiple POS allows you to benefit from the varying commission rates of different payment providers. This way, you can reduce your expenses by ensuring the lowest cost for each transaction.

To start using Multiple Virtual POS POS Integrator's PRO version and integrate more than one POS system. You can get help from our technical support team for this process.