A Single Plugin Multiple Virtual POS

With Different Bank/Payment Institution Options
Earn More Profit

POS Integrator is the best WordPress virtual POS plugin. POS Integrator is the best the most powerful and user-friendly WordPress payment plugin that makes It's great. some of the features.

Entrepreneur / Business Owner

This feature is designed and thought for entrepreneurs, business owners!

multiple virtual pos

One Plugin Multiple Virtual POS!


This feature is for those who want to receive payments from WordPress sites and want to maximum profit for business owners who want to ensure that their business is running smoothly and efficiently.

You don't need to change plugins for different banks and commissions.

POS Integrator with Bank with Just a Few Clicks Integration Just change it!

Multiple Payment Institutions in One Plugin!

You will receive payments that are most suitable for you to increase your earnings. bank / payment institution you can work with.

You don't need a different plugin for this.

You can change your payment organization with a few steps, you most convenient virtual POSYou can select

Advantages of Using Multiple Virtual POS

Optimize your business' payment processes and increase customer satisfaction. With this method, you have the chance to evaluate the best commission rates offered by different payment providers. By offering your customers a variety of payment options, you can improve their shopping experience and increase your sales rates. At the same time, reduce your workload and run your business more efficiently by easily managing payment processing.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you choose POS Integrator to use multiple payment institutions, you don't incur any extra costs beyond the POS costs offered by the banks. You don't have to pay POS Integrator anything additional to use this feature, allowing your business to diversify its payment solutions in a cost-effective way.

Cost optimization, better commission rates, diversified payment options and easy management of transactions.

Yes, the security protocols of each virtual POS provider are implemented, ensuring a safe environment for your business and your customers.

Integration time varies depending on the number and complexity of payment providers chosen, but it is usually a quick and smooth process.

By offering customers their preferred payment methods, it improves their shopping experience and increases the likelihood of purchase.