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WPForms PRO Virtual POS Integration

WPForms PRO virtual POS integration has never been easier. With easy, fast, stable integrations The best WPFORMS Pro virtual POS plugin

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Fully Compatible with WPForms, Drag and Drop Usage

WP Forms PROwith the drag-and-drop interface of You can include the virtual POS Payment form in the form you want. This way, payment processing fits perfectly into the overall design of your website.

Business solution integrated with WPForms PRO, offers a powerful combination to optimize your website's checkout processes and enhance the user experience. In addition to helping you make your website more accessible and functional for your customers, this integration is especially Working in harmony with WPForms PRO offers excellent interaction. By increasing engagement with your customers, can make payment processes more efficient and create a user-friendly online platform.

Receive Payments from Special Forms

POS Integrator Business is a powerful WordPress Payment plugin that can be easily integrated into your business website with WPForms PRO, giving customers the ability to take payments on custom amounts and fixed amounts.
wpforms pro virtualpos integration
pos integrator special amount payment receiving

Get Paid with Special Amount

Custom amounts allow you to make special offers or deals with your customers. This can increase customer satisfaction and lead to more business. Your customers In the payment form you create with WPForms PRO, you can pass the payment with the price you set yourself.

Track Your Payment Transactions

Thanks to POS Integrator's transactions page, you can track all payments that pass through your POS without any e-commerce plugin, determine why failed orders failed, and have full control of the payment transactions on your site.

pos integrator transactions

WPForms PRO Virtual POS Integration

One of the world's most popular form plugins WPForms integrated with many different POS works in harmony with its provider. This is one of the preferred POS provider and ensures that payment transactions are carried out seamlessly. POS Integrator is a plugin that provides virtual POS integration to websites using WPForms.

WPForms PRO seamlessly integrates with your store. Once you add it to your store, you can quickly configure payment options and start receiving payments. In addition, the plugin's user-friendly interface allows you to easily configure settings.

POS Integrator virtual POS plugin enables businesses to track and report payment transactions. You can analyze sales data, measure the performance of your business and improve your financial management.

WPForms PRO Virtual POS Plugin

With the free version of our POS Integrator plugin, you can complete your payment taking processes quickly and easily. When your needs and e-commerce start to diversify, you can use our advanced PRO version, you can create advantages for your customers and diversify your payment experience.

With your contracted bank WPForms Pro bank integration you can get the opportunity to work with more favorable commission rates and terms than fintech solutions. You can also create a loyal customer base by offering your customers the advantages offered by the bank you work with, such as installments, additional installments or accumulation of money points. Supported WordPress virtual POS integrationsYou can check if your bank is on the list

With WPForms PRO virtual POS plugin POS Integrator, you can easily, quickly and seamlessly integrate with payment institutions and banks in Turkey. 

Frequently Asked Questions

POS Integrator only works integrated with WPForms PRO version.

WPForms PRO and POS Integrator with numerous popular virtual POS provider can work integrated with. For a detailed list and compatibility information please visit the relevant web page

We have designed the integration process in user-friendly steps, but a basic level of technical knowledge can be useful. Detailed setup Help You can review our documents, request the first installation from us, you can always contact us via support request.