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Elementor Virtual POS Integration

Virtual POS integration for Elementor has never been easier.

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Fully Compatible with Elementor

Elementor, with drag-and-drop interface You can include the virtual POS Payment form on the page you want. This way, payment processing fits perfectly into the overall design of your website.

POS Integrator Business, to improve your website's payment processing and user experience offers a powerful combination. This helps make your website more accessible and functional for your customers

POS Integrator Bussines for your collections!

POS Integrator Business can be added to your business website Elementor is a powerful WordPress Payment plugin that can be easily integrated with WordPress Payments and offers customers the ability to get paid on custom amounts and fixed amounts.

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Get Paid with Special Amount

Custom amounts allow you to make special offers or deals with your customers. This can increase customer satisfaction and lead to more business. Your customers In the payment form you create with Elementor, you can pass the payment with the price you set yourself.

Track Your Payment Transactions

Thanks to POS Integrator's transactions page, you can track all payments that pass through your POS without any e-commerce plugin, determine why failed orders failed, and have full control of the payment transactions on your site.

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What is Elementor?

Elementoris a page building and site editing plugin for the WordPress content management system. It allows users to design more easily and quickly when creating or editing WordPress websites. This plugin allows users to allows them to design web pages with a drag-and-drop interface without requiring any code knowledge. Users can easily add, edit and embed text, images, buttons, videos, forms and other elements.

Advantages of Using Elementor

  • Drag and Drop: When creating or editing pages, users can easily place elements by dragging and dropping them.

  • Visual Editing: With the live preview feature, you can instantly see how your web page will look.

  • Theme Compatibility: Elementor works with many popular WordPress themes and preserves your design freedom when using them.