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WordPress İş Bank Virtual POS Installation Guide [2024]

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How to Get İşbank Virtual POS?

If you have a merchant agreement with the bank, you only need to apply to the branch and they will forward your request. You will be asked to sign the Electronic Commerce Agreement. If you are not already a merchant, you can apply for a merchant at the nearest Business Bank You can forward it to the branch.

What is the İşbank Commission Rate?

İşbank Virtual POS To get up-to-date information about commission rates, you can connect to live support on the official website or you can get information about commission rates by calling the customer representative.

What are the Requirements for İşbank Virtual POS?

It is desirable that the workplace has an active website,

The website of the workplace must be secured with at least 128 bit SSL certificate. (If the website does not have an SSL certificate, they can use İşbank's Secure Payment pages).

On the workplace website;

  • Trade name of the workplace,
  • The name of the country of residence of the workplace and the address of the workplace,
  • A full and clear description of the product/service it offers,
  • The price of the product/service it offers,
  • The conditions for cancellation of the order and return of the product and the 'I accept' option indicating that they have been read and accepted by the cardholder,
  • Customer service contact phones and e-mail addresses,
  • Delivery policy,
  • The currency in which the transaction is carried out,
  • Import restrictions, if any,
  • Privacy commitment and information security policy,
  • MasterCard, Visa and American Express logos must be clearly displayed.

In addition, the e-sale document can be presented to the cardholder electronically or in paper form after the transaction is realized by the merchant.

What are the Required Documents?

Documents required for Virtual POS Business Bank customer representative you can find out by talking to them.

For detailed information official pageto visit our website.

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WordPress İş Bank Virtual POS Installation Guide [2024]

WordPress İşbank Virtual POS Plugin

The WordPress İşbank Virtual POS Plugin diversifies payment transactions by offering customers different payment methods. Accepting credit cards and other electronic payment options allows customers to pay with their preferred method. This makes it easier and faster for you to get paid and for customers to shop, positively impacting the shopping experience and increasing sales for your business.

Virtual POS integration enables secure and fast payment processes. The security of customer information is an important issue that your business and your customers are sensitive to, and this integration protects customer data with advanced security measures.

More importantly, it helps to increase customer satisfaction. Providing customers with a variety of payment options and secure payment transactions can increase customer loyalty. When your customers have a positive shopping experience, they are more likely to shop again in the future and recommend you to others.

WordPress Virtual POS integration also makes it easier to manage your business' online sales and automate payment processes. This reduces the workload and enables more efficient business management.

So, the WordPress İşbank Virtual POS Plugin helps you provide customers with a secure and user-friendly shopping experience and boost the success of your business.

For more information WordPress Payment Moduleü page for more information. You can find more comprehensive information about our plugin there.

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WordPress İş Bank Virtual POS Installation Guide [2024]

How to Install Isbank Virtual POS on WordPress?

  1. Make a Virtual POS agreement with İşbank and get an account.
  2. Install and activate the WooCommerce plugin on WordPress.
  3. Search for the "İşbank Virtual POS" plugin, install and activate it.
  4. Go to WooCommerce settings, enable "İşbank Virtual POS" and enter your account details.
  5. Test payments by activating test mode.
  6. Complete the tests and switch to live mode.
  7. Check security and complete the integration.

İşbank Virtual POS will be enabled on your WordPress site and you will be able to offer secure payment options to your customers.

WooCommerce İş Bank Virtual POS

If you want to do e-commerce with İşbank Virtual POS using your WooCommerce infrastructure, POS Integrator is the ideal solution for you. POS Integrator works integrated with many payment organizations and banks. To learn all the capabilities here you can visit.

It is very simple to install POS Integrator and make Virtual POS settings. With a quick setup process, you can start receiving your payments immediately.

You can also easily manage the cancellation and refund processes of payment transactions made through the panel. You can make transactions more controllable to increase customer satisfaction.

Thanks to POS Integrator, you can receive your payments securely and seamlessly with İşbank Virtual POS.

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