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WordPress Akbank Virtual POS Installation Guide [2024]

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How to Get Akbank Virtual POS?

You can apply for Akbank Virtual POS easily and securely over the internet. For more detailed information on this subject, you can contact Akbank customer representative.

What are Akbank Commission Rates?

Akbank offers a monthly total of 10.000 TL %0 commission for single withdrawal transactions up to the turnover. 10.000 TLFor transactions after %1,79 is being implemented. For more information Akbank you can check the website.

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What are the Requirements for Akbank Virtual POS?

It should be ensured that the company's website is accessible and has a valid SSL certificate for security.

Akbank's logo should be on the payment pages, the content of the website should be complete. In other words, there must be a product catalog and shopping cart.

Consumer rights must be clearly stated in the online shop. These are company principles about return and cancellation rights. A commitment to security and confidentiality should also be stated. It should be clearly stated how the product delivery will be made. The company's contact information should be up to date. Company name, open address, landline phone, e-mail addresses and fax numbers, if any, should be in a place where the consumer can easily find them.

The current exchange rates should be shown at which exchange rate the sale will be made.

The documents required to be taken according to the field of activity should be shown at the application stage. For example, for tourism businesses TURSAB Authorization Certificate from the Ministry of Health for pharmaceutical businesses. If the sale of firearms and explosives that are a means of entertainment, a sales permit must be obtained from the Governorate.

You can't find anything in your virtual store that is against the law or Akbank products that are contrary to the principles of the Code of Conduct should not be sold.

Virtual POS applications of virtual stores that do not meet these criteria will not be accepted.

wordpress akbank virtual pos
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What are the Required Documents?

Individual Customers;

  • ID Card Photo
  • Residence (E-Government) (Last 3 months)
  • IBAN Confirmation Document
  • Findeks Risk Report / Risk Center Report

Sole Proprietorships;

  • Company Representative ID Card Photo
  • Signature Circular / Signature Declaration
  • Tax Certificate
  • Tradesman / Chamber Registration / Current Activity Certificate
  • Findeks Risk Report / Risk Center Report
  • ID Card Photo

Limited and Joint Stock Companies;

  • Company Representative ID Card Photo
  • Signature Circular / Signature Declaration
  • Tax Certificate
  • Trade Registry Gazette / Tradesmen Chamber Registration
  • Findeks Risk Report / Risk Center Report

For detailed information about Akbank Virtual POS Setup and settings Click here.

WordPress Akbank Virtual POS Plugin

WordPress Akbank Virtual POS integration enriches the payment methods of e-commerce sites and offers credit card and other electronic payment options to customers. This integration makes customers' shopping experience more enjoyable by providing the necessary infrastructure for secure and fast payment transactions.

It also helps businesses increase customer satisfaction. Offering user-friendly and secure payment options allows customers to build a loyal customer base and return often. In addition, it increases the efficiency of businesses by allowing them to easily manage online sales and automate payment processes.

WordPress Virtual POS integration gives customers the chance to offer a secure and user-friendly shopping experience and increase sales in e-commerce and payment processing.

For more information, Our WordPress Payment Module you can visit.

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How to Install Akbank Virtual POS on WordPress?

  1. Make a Virtual POS agreement with Akbank and get an account.
  2. Install and activate the WooCommerce plugin on WordPress.
  3. Search for the "Akbank Virtual POS" plugin, install and activate it.
  4. Go to WooCommerce settings, enable "Akbank Virtual POS" and enter your account details.
  5. Test payments by activating test mode.
  6. Complete the tests and switch to live mode.
  7. Check security and complete the integration.

Now Akbank Virtual POS will be enabled on your WordPress site and you will be able to offer secure payment options to your customers.

Akbank WooCommerce Virtual POS

Are you using Akbank infrastructure and want to receive payments with Akbank Virtual POS?

In this case, POS Integrator will be the best option for you. POS Integrator works fully integrated with many payment organizations and banks and offers you wide capabilities.

Installing POS Integrator and setting up Virtual POS settings is extremely simple. With a quick setup process, you can start receiving payments immediately.

In addition, you can easily manage the cancellation and refund processes of payment transactions through the panel. In this way, you can increase customer satisfaction by making transactions more controllable.

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