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WordPress Kuveyt Turk Virtual POS Installation Guide [2024]

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How to Get Kuveyt Turk Virtual POS?

Kuveyt Turk Virtual POS The documents required for the application are different documents such as a copy of the Company Commercial Registry Gazette and tax certificate, signature circular. It is important that these documents are submitted in full to complete the application. Kuveyt Turk Virtual POS service and provides detailed information from the website can be reached.

What are the Requirements for Application?

  1. Confidentiality Agreement: An explanatory agreement on personal data protection and privacy policy.
  2. Distance Sales Contract: A contract that determines the rights and responsibilities between consumers and businesses in online sales.
  3. Return Agreement: A contract describing the procedures and conditions for product returns.
  4. Contact Information: Information for customers to contact the business, such as a phone number, email address or contact form.
  5. SSL Certificate: A protocol that encrypts communication between users and e-commerce sites and ensures the secure transmission of information. SSL certificate ensures data integrity and security.
  6. Active Payment Page: A page where customers can make payment transactions securely.
  7. Product Price Information: The prices and descriptions of the products offered by the business and their presentation in a way that is easily accessible to customers.
wordpress kuveyttürk virtual pos
WordPress Kuveyt Turk Virtual POS Installation Guide [2024]

What are Kuveyt Türk Virtual POS Application Documents?

  • Signature Circular
  • Institution Registry Certificate
  • Tax Certificate
  • Website Address
  • Partner IDs and Email Addresses

Setup for detailed information about Kuveyt Türk Virtual POS settings our document you can examine.

What are Kuveyt Turk Commission Rates?

Kuveyt Turk Bank of Virtual POS Commission rates vary according to the status of the applicant businesses. You can find out the commission rates in detail by contacting the bank.

WordPress Kuveyt Turk Virtual POS Plugin

WordPress Kuveyt Turk Virtual POS integration offers credit card and other electronic payment options to customers by diversifying the payment methods of e-commerce sites. With this integration, it provides the necessary infrastructure by performing payment transactions safely and quickly. The fact that customers complete payment processes even more easily positively affects the shopping experience and contributes to increased sales.

Virtual POS One of the advantages of integration is that it helps businesses build a loyal customer base by increasing customer satisfaction. Offering fast and secure payment options ensures that customers shop again and again and have a positive shopping experience. Moreover, this integration also increases efficiency by helping businesses easily manage online sales and automate payment processes. The bottom line, WordPress Virtual POS integration provides the opportunity to offer a secure and user-friendly shopping environment for customers and increase their sales in e-commerce and payment processing.

WordPress Virtual POS If you want to know more about the integration of Our WordPress Payment Module you can visit.

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WordPress Kuveyt Turk Virtual POS Installation Guide [2024]

How to Install Kuveyt Turk Virtual POS on WordPress?

You can use WooCommerce plugin for WordPress Kuveyt Turk Virtual POS integration. Here are the basic steps:

  1. Create a virtual POS account with Kuveyt Turk.
  2. Install and activate the WooCommerce plugin in WordPress.
  3. Install and activate the "WooCommerce Virtual POS" plugin.
  4. Go to WooCommerce settings and enable "Virtual POS".
  5. Enter Kuveyt Turk Virtual POS information: Terminal Number, Customer Number, Username, Password and Security Code.
  6. Activate test mode and test payments.
  7. Complete the tests and switch to live mode.
  8. Check the security in the system and complete the transaction.

By following these steps, you can successfully set up Kuveyt Türk Virtual POS on your WordPress site.

Kuveyt Turk WooCommerce Virtual POS

WooCommerce you are using the infrastructure and Kuveyt Turk Virtual POS to get paid by credit card?

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