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What is PayTR WooCommerce Plugin?

paytr woocommerce plugin

PayTR WooCommerce plugin is a payment method integration that facilitates payment processing for WooCommerce based e-commerce sites. With this plugin, customers can pay securely while shopping and merchants can receive their payments seamlessly.

It is a WordPress plugin that allows you to easily integrate PayTR payment infrastructure for WordPress-based e-commerce sites. WooCommerce is an open source e-commerce platform with millions of users worldwide. Stores on this platform can offer various payment options to their customers by integrating with various payment infrastructures. PayTR is a leading payment infrastructure provider offering secure payment services for e-commerce sites in Turkey.

With PayTR WooCommerce Plugin, WooCommerce users can easily add PayTR payment methods to their stores. This plugin provides access to the rich payment methods (such as credit card, debit card, money order/EFT, mobile payment) and installment options offered by PayTR. Thus, e-commerce site owners have the chance to increase their sales rates by offering a wide range of payments to their customers.

POS Integrator PayTR WooCommerce Plugin Features

  • Secure payment transactions: POS PayTR WooCommerce plugin offers secure payment transactions backed by SSL security certificate.
  • Easy integration: Thanks to the plugin's easy integration into the WooCommerce platform, users can quickly set up the payment infrastructure.
  • HPOS Support:  This solution breaks the boundaries of traditional WordPress database structures and helps sites cope with high demands
  • WooCommerce Blocks Support: This feature offers users the possibility to manage WooCommerce products and checkout forms in a more flexible and customizable way.
  • Multi-language support: The plugin can offer payment options for customers in different languages.
  • Installment Table: With the installment table that can be placed in WooCommerce tabs, you can show your customers the amount information about the installment usage before payment.
  • Automatic updates: PayTR WooCommerce plugin is regularly updated and offers the latest features to its users.
  • Customer support services: In case of any problems with the use of the plugin, users can get help from PayTR customer support services.

POS Integrator PayTR WooCommerce Plugin Installation

  • Download and install the plugin: The POS Integrator plugin can be downloaded from the WooCommerce plugin store and installed on your site. You can use it with the PayTR Iframe feature in the free version. You can use our PayTR Direct API integration in the POS Integrator PRO version to shorten your checkout process and use your own payment form.
  • Generation of API keys: To use the plugin, you need to generate API keys from your PayTR account.
  • Structuring payment options: In the settings section of the plugin, you can configure which payment options to use and other details.
  • Use of test mode: Thanks to the plugin's test mode, you can test payment transactions before they are processed.

POS Integrator PayTR WooCommerce Plugin Usage and Advantages

  • Simplification of payment procedures: The plugin allows customers to checkout quickly and securely while shopping.
  • Increasing customer satisfaction: Thanks to the secure payment infrastructure, customer satisfaction increases and they are more likely to shop again.
  • Secure payment infrastructure: PayTR offers an advanced infrastructure to perform payment transactions securely.
  • Monitoring sales reports: The plugin allows you to easily track data such as sales reports and payment history.
paytr wordpress

PayTR Direct API WooCommerce Integration

PayTR Direct API is a direct payment processing API provided by PayTR. This API enables e-commerce sites to manage payment processing directly through their user interface so that customers can complete the purchase without leaving the merchant's website. PayTR Direct API WooCommerce Integration adds this capability to e-commerce sites running on the WooCommerce platform.

POS Integrator is a tool that provides integration between various payment organizations and e-commerce platforms. PayTR Direct API WooCommerce Integration feature can be among the solutions provided by POS Integrator. This integration enables e-commerce sites to directly leverage PayTR's powerful payment processing capabilities, allowing merchants and customers to have a more streamlined and secure checkout experience.

PayTR Direct API WooCommerce Integration with POS Integrator gives e-commerce businesses the flexibility to customize and manage their payment processes according to their needs. Thus, businesses can increase customer satisfaction, improve conversion rates in the checkout process and optimize e-commerce performance in general.

Receiving Payments with PayTR WordPress

POS Integrator PayTR With its integration, it can work not only with WooCommerce but also with other compatible plugins. You can solve many different payment needs such as content sales, ticket sales, donation collection, collection for yourself or your customers with PayTR and POS Integrator.

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