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WordPress Payment Methods 2024

WordPress There are many plugins and platforms that offer various payment methods to their users. These payment methods are usually designed for e-commerce sites and online stores. Some payment methods include: supports many different payment methods and can integrate with any payment gateway. This allows your customers to complete their payments securely and seamlessly.

In this article, the most preferred WordPress payment methods.

What are WordPress Payment Methods?

WooCommerce: It is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms for WordPress and supports many payment methods. WooCommerce allows you to use many payment methods.

Most popular in our country WooCommerce payment methods are as follows;

  • Iyzico
  • Paratika
  • PayU
  • Param
  • PayTR

Receiving payments with iyzico

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WordPress Payment Methods 2024

Iyzicois one of the most popular payment methods on the list. Iyzico you first need to obtain an API key and password from the official site and enter the information you have obtained on the plugin. Then you can start receiving payments. POS Integrator on Iyzico about how to adjust the settings detailed document from here you can reach.

Some documents are requested from you when applying to obtain the necessary information by Iyzico. These are; tax plate, signature circular, photocopies of their identity cards if there are partners. Detailed information from here you can get it.

Receiving payments with Paratika

woocommerce payment methods
WordPress Payment Methods 2024

To start receiving payments with Paratika, you need to submit the necessary documents, just like the process in iyzico. Paratika you need to forward it to us. You can then get the necessary information you need. How to set up Paratika? To find out the answer to this question in detail here click here.

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