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What is Virtual POS?

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What is Virtual POS (Point of Sale)?

Virtual POSis a payment method used for online transactions. An e-commerce business is an e-commerce credit card or debit carduses a virtual POS integration to enable them to pay with payment instruments such as credit cards. The virtual POS securely processes the customer's card details, enabling the payment to be made and finalized.

How Does Virtual Pos Work?


Virtual POS is a plugin available on the business's website.

Virtual pos payment steps can be listed as follows;

  • During the payment process, the customer enters their credit card details.
  • This information is encrypted and securely processed by the virtual POS. ,
  • When the transaction is successful, the customer receives payment confirmation and the business receives the payment amount.

Virtual POSis a very common method for online payment transactions and many banks provide this service.

Virtual POS integrationIt facilitates online payment transactions of businesses and speeds up the process of customers making payments. However, security and accuracy issues should also be considered when setting up a virtual POS integration. The business should take all necessary measures to store customer information securely and implement strict security protocols to prevent the theft or misuse of customers' payment information.

As a result, virtual POS integrationis a payment method that facilitates online payment transactions of businesses and speeds up the payment process of customers.

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