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iyzico Payment Guide with WordPress

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What is iyzico?

iyzicois a platform that offers online payment solutions. It enables businesses to make secure and fast payment transactions. It is easy to integrate, user-friendly and supports various payment methods. Customers can pay seamlessly by credit card or other payment options. Provides data protection with security measures. It is mobile compatible and has analytical features. It helps businesses increase customer satisfaction and grow their sales.

How to get it?

iyzico to make your application iyzico's official websiteto start the application process. Fill in the relevant application form and the required information completely. The application is approved within 24 hours but may take longer depending on your business model.

iyzico Payment Guide with WordPress

What are the Application Requirements?

  • Your website, product and price information ready to use,
  • Privacy policy, distance sales contract, delivery-return terms and about us pages are available on your site,
  • Provide the following information under a directly accessible "Contact" heading on the home page of your website,
  • a) Trade name, MERSIS number and headquarters address for merchants. For tradesmen and craftsmen, information such as name and surname, tax identification number and headquarters address,
  • b) Having a registered trademark with KEP address, e-mail address, telephone number and business name, if any,
  • c) Information about the professional chamber of which you are a member, the code of conduct related to the profession and how they can be accessed electronically,
  • On your checkout page SSL certificate to be found,
  • Having licenses and documents issued by the relevant authorities due to the activity related to the product you offer for sale, on your website "iyzico Pay with", Visa and Mastercard logos. To download the logo package click.

Documents Required for Application

During your application, you can submit the following documents online iyzico to upload it to the website.

- Signature circular,

- Tax certificate,

- Identity photocopies of company partners,

- Belongs to your name/company IBAN number is verified during the application process. If the verification is not successful, your account name and bank IBAN You will be asked to send the front page of your passbook or any other document you have received from your bank or via internet banking with your number.

What is the Commission Rate?

iyzico As a commission rate, if you are a corporate seller, it offers commission rates starting from %2.99 per successful transaction through your site and offers the opportunity to receive special offers with a transaction fee of 0.25 TL.

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