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Lowest Commission Virtual POS | 2024

lowest commission virtual pos companies

The first thing that comes to mind for every business that wants to gain an advantageous position in the world of online trade and increase its profit margin by minimizing costs low commission is coming. With this article virtual poses with the lowest commission and we'll see which ones.

What to Consider When Choosing Virtual POS?

Careful consideration when choosing a virtual POS plays a critical role in the success of your business in online payments. Reliability, low commissionsfactors such as strong security measures and customer support are key elements to consider when choosing the right virtual POS provider. Moreover, choosing a virtual POS with flexible features that suit your business needs can help you optimize your payment processes and increase customer satisfaction. By focusing on these points, you can build a solid foundation for choosing the most suitable virtual POS solution that will contribute to the growth of your business.

Which are the Virtual POS with the Lowest Commission?

The most suitable virtual POS organizations that can give you an advantage when entering the world of online trade can be the following.

PayTR Virtual POS

One of the most well-known payment organizations PayTR commission rates for e-commerce sites are as follows: Percent for e-commerce sites, those receiving link and single shot payments via virtual POS 1.45 can benefit from a commission rate. Businesses that receive payments via single-shot virtual POS can benefit from a commission rate of 1.95. can make transactions with a commission rate. At the same time, instead of PayTR's iFrame solution that will extend the payment step on your website where you will receive online payments With the Direct API solution, you can make your payments much faster with a single step. PayTR Direct API module POS Integrator and integrate it with the new program.

Sipay Virtual POS

One of the popular payment organizations Sipay It also stands out with its fast application process and many different features such as payment by link. %1.29 It is among the most affordable Virtual POS with commission rates starting from

Lidio Virtual POS

Standing out with features such as Lidio-pass Lidio Virtual POS offers you the most advantageous commission rates with the terms you will determine.Lidio Virtual POS may be a suitable option for you to receive payments online.

AKÖde Virtual POS

Akbank's subsidiary AKÖde Commission rates for Aköde POS, which stands out with its fast application process without extra costs to be among the companies that have increased its popularity as of 2023 from %0.99 is starting.

Paratika Virtual POS

One of the very popular Virtual POS companies Paratika is again managing the process with easy application and no extra costs. %0.69on average starting from %2,5 is among the most suitable virtual POS companies with its commission rates.


Again, one of the most well-known payment institutions PARAM It stands out with its advantages such as easy application process and next day payment. %3,69 is one of the most favorable virtual POS companies with its commission rate. In addition, ParamKart Business owners are more advantageous %2,69It provides service with a commission rate of 's.

How to Optimize Commission Rates

It is possible to reduce the commission amounts you will pay more with different strategies you will follow in the payment receiving processes rather than the agreements you will make with virtual POS companies. For example, according to your customers' cards by redirecting to the POS with the lowest commission or by directing to the POS with the most appropriate commission according to the installment amount you can greatly increase your profits.

The Easiest Virtual POS Integration

Lowest Commission Virtual POS
Lowest Commission Virtual POS

With POS Integrator, you can integrate with more than 30 banks and payment institutions with a single click. It will also help you to optimize your commission rates in line with your strategies. Gate feature you can direct your customer to the most suitable Virtual POS by setting payment rules together with your customer.

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    Which of the payment institutions do you think is the most appropriate and least erroneous?

    1. Hello, in this regard, we can recommend PayTR, Sipay, Lidio payment organizations.

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