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How to Choose WooCommerce Virtual POS Plugin?

woocommerce virtual pos plugin selection

WooCommerce can be paid with different payment methods. In this article, we examine how to choose the WooCommerce Virtual POS Plugin and what should be considered.

WooCommerce Payment Methods

They are plugins used to add payment methods to a WooCommerce based e-commerce website. WooCommerce is a WordPress-based e-commerce platform and has a large user base. Virtual pos plugins help improve the shopping experience by providing users with various payment options.


Stripe is a popular platform for online payments. With Stripe integration on WooCommerce, customers can securely pay with their credit cards. Stripe offers the ability to transact in many different countries and currencies. Unfortunately, it is not possible to receive payments with Stripe with companies established in Turkey. In order to receive payments with Stripe, you need to apply by opening a company and bank account in one of the countries accepted by Stripe.


PayPal is a widely used payment platform worldwide. PayPal integration in WooCommerce gives customers the ability to pay through their PayPal account or credit card. Unfortunately, this organization is too widespread in the world. May 30, 2016 with a statement published on its official website on the date of the announcement.

Woo Payments

WooCommerce has its own payment method, "WooCommerce Payments"is also available. This provides a solution for credit cards and other payment methods. WooCommerce Payments is easy to use and has the advantage of integration for WooCommerce users. It now comes with WooCommerce installation. Since WooPayments works with Stripe, the use of companies established in Turkey will not be possible again. They may make a move soon and include our geography in Woo Payments with another organization.

Frequently Used Virtual POS Providers in Turkey

WooCommerce users in Turkey usually prefer Turkey-specific virtual pos providers when they want to get paid in Turkish Lira (TRY). Here are some commonly used virtual pos providers


Iyzico is a widely used payment service provider in Turkey. It supports credit cards, installment options and other payment methods. Iyzico integration can be easily done on WooCommerce. iyzico has an active current plugin in the WordPress plugin directory. You can reach from the address. The iyzico plugin, which can work with WooCommerce, works on a page after iframe or payment.


PayTR is a payment service provider based in Turkey. It supports credit cards, debit cards and other payment options. With PayTR integration on WooCommerce, you can offer customers a wide range of payments.PayTR's payment plugin is available in the WordPress plugin directory but has not been updated for a while. You can reach from here. The PayTR plugin, which can work with WooCommerce, is embedded in a page that appears after the payment form in the iframe.

POS Integrator: Deliver a Seamless Checkout Experience on Your Site

Easily integrate the integration you have contracted with 30+ Payment provider integrations and simulate the whole process thanks to the test mode. POS Integrator is a free version of the WooCommerce virtual pos plugin. You can reach us at

Things to Consider When Choosing a WooCommerce Virtual POS Plugin

Cohesion and Integration

  • Must be compatible with WooCommerce version.
  • Compatibility with other plugins: Themes should work seamlessly with other plugins and the current version of WordPress.
  • Integration with customer accounts and order history.

Payment Options

  • Support for different credit cards and payment methods: In addition to credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard and Troy, it is important to support other popular payment methods.
  • Installment options: Capacity to offer installment options commonly used in Turkey.
  • Installment Display: Showing the installment amounts in the detail section before the product is added to the cart will be a feature that takes your customer to pay. Installment plan You can examine our feature.

Mobile Compatibility

Smooth operation on mobile devices: The plugin should offer a user-friendly checkout experience on mobile devices.


Speed: It is important that the plugin does not negatively affect the performance of your site and can perform fast processing.
High Traffic Situation: The plugin's ability to perform successfully in high traffic situations.

Update and Support

  • Is it constantly updated? Updates are important to fix vulnerabilities and add new features.
  • Reliable customer support service: A solid support team is available when problems arise or help is needed.

Reporting and Analytics

  • Sales reports: A user-friendly reporting system to track and analyze sales data.
  • Ability to track payment conversion rates.

Cost and Pricing

  • Cost of the plugin: Evaluate things like license costs, integration fees and transaction fees.
  • Additional costs for installments and deferred payments.

Language and Regional Support

  • Turkish language support and compliance with regional requirements specific to Turkey.
  • If you provide services in different languages and currencies, your site should have features that you can use in the most natural way

Payment Conversion Boosting Features

  • Single page payment options.
  • Automatic card registration feature.
  • Fast payment options.
  • Display of security logos and certificates.

The wooCommerce virtual POS plugin you choose should offer a wide range of features to increase customer satisfaction and security, streamline checkout processes and optimize conversion rates.

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