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How to Get Paid Abroad for Entrepreneurs

receiving payments from abroad

E-commerce infrastructures, which offer a new and powerful marketing field for entrepreneurs, are developing more and more every day while making it possible to sell in the digital world. Systems that stand out with their global customer acquisition and various functional features have a structure suitable for use for all types of businesses. At this point, it is also very important to learn about the infrastructures for receiving payments from abroad, which play a major role in the installation process of e-commerce sites.

In e-commerce systems, having a payment infrastructure specific to your business and performing foreign currency-based transactions provides many advantages. It is possible to make an effective start by choosing the appropriate one among methods such as virtual POS, bank infrastructures, digital systems and SWIFT. You can find curious details about payment systems from abroad and the advantages of foreign currency-based sales in the article.

receiving payments from abroad
How to Get Paid Abroad for Entrepreneurs

Making Foreign Currency Based Sales in E-Commerce

It is very important to use foreign currency-based payment methods to follow a globally valid sales policy in export-based studies. Thus, various conveniences are provided for both the customer and the business in foreign sales. At the same time, foreign currency-based product and service sales have many different advantages. The relevant opportunities are mainly as follows:

  • The negative effects of currency fluctuations on customers are minimized in worldwide marketing efforts.
  • With the help of various integration infrastructures, it becomes possible to reflect the revenue generated from sales to the business with lower commissions and higher efficiency.
  • Ease of payment is achieved as a result of the use of common currencies such as Euro in foreign-based sales. Advantage is also provided at the point of transportation to large masses.
  • The number of exchange transactions between currencies at checkout is reduced. This way, the conversion commissions paid by both the customer and the business can be kept to a minimum.
  • It contributes to the national economy through exports and the flow of foreign currency.

Along with all these plus points, there are different advantages offered by foreign currency-based sales. It is possible to benefit from the possibilities related to the installation of infrastructures such as digital payment systems and virtual POS applications.

How to Receive International Payments on E-Commerce Sites?

E-commerce sites have various methods to receive international payments in different currencies. In the selection process, compliance with the infrastructure and sales policies used by the business is taken into consideration. Thus, sales processes can be managed in the most efficient way. The main methods used in international payments are as follows:

  • Bank transfers are a common way to receive payments globally. The transfer can be made using the account and router number. It can take up to 2-3 days for the payment to reflect in the business account.
  • Transfer services with local agents are one of the systems used in e-commerce sites with foreign currency-based transactions. In this case, both parties must have a transfer application. Foreign currency payments, which can be transferred to bank accounts through agents or digital transfers, are converted into local units according to the service provider's commission rate.
  • Virtual POS systems, which are suitable for foreign currency-based payments, are among the solutions utilized in e-commerce infrastructures. Just like in physical businesses, it is possible to make payments using the information of debit or credit cards. They are practical in terms of speed and usage.
  • By establishing a foreign language site as an established company in Turkey payment institutions you can receive payments from abroad.
  • Except your company in Turkey Stripe and a company in a country where Paypal is used, you can receive payments from abroad by opening a bank account.

In foreign payment methods, the taxation process should be taken into account along with the commission and pricing parameters of the preferred system. Thus, confusion that may occur while fulfilling the legal obligations of sales transactions is prevented.

Receiving Payments from Abroad in WordPress Infrastructure

WordPress, which allows the installation of various types of websites, also has a practical structure for receiving payments in foreign currency. Virtual POS service providers develop special plugins for WordPress-based e-commerce sites. By using the WooCommerce system and related plugins together, it is possible to receive foreign-based payments without the need for any development process.

Receiving Payments from Abroad with Virtual POS Integrations

Virtual POS is a tool that offers card payment in e-commerce infrastructures. The system, which provides fast and practical use in sales processes, also allows transactions in different currencies. In this respect, it is worth noting that it is an effective method in export-based sales activities. The service, which is made available by various providers, can be preferred according to business needs.

In the selection of Virtual POS, it is very important to evaluate integrators that have compatibility with various payment institutions and website infrastructure along with the possibility of using foreign currency. At this point, specially developed for WordPress-based systems POS Integrator plugin is among the effective options that can be utilized. The plugin offers powerful solutions for businesses thanks to its versatile payment infrastructure and user-friendly system.

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